Ready Made Silk Curtains

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Published: 19th September 2011
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Why use faux silk when real silk is available. Now, one can get readymade silk curtains too in innovative designs and patterns. They complement the overall furnishings and upholstery of the home. Readymade draperies are convenient to handle-select, buy, open packing and install! The purchase can be done over the internet also. With correct measurements, client preferences, some customization also can be done.

Silk curtains add beauty and attractiveness to the living space. If instead of buying the fabric, silk curtains are available readymade, it reduces the hassles of taking accurate measurements and getting them properly stitched. A ready- to- use drapery can be used on the window. The entire living space is metamorphosised. It becomes classy and elegant effortlessly.

A wide range of readymade silk curtain are available these days in stores, with different colors, patterns, weaves, textures, that makes the task of getting a new set of curtains for the home easier.

Care should be taken while purchasing these readymade silk curtains. They should suit the color scheme and overall décor of the room to highlight the beauty and elegance of the space. A variety of colors, light, dark, pastel shades are available. Ivory, beige, pink, pale yellows, royal maroon, are some popular shades. A variety of styles are there such as tab topped, pencil pleated, goblet pleat curtains. Prints also need to be checked out before purchasing as it also dictates the final look of the room. For example, silk curtains are more suitable for drawing room and living room as these are the area where guests are seated and that gives a good impression to them. A lot of plains, checks and other prints are available in readymade silk curtains. Prints suitable for children’s room are also available.

A sumptuous style is imparted to the home by using these readymade silk curtains. Earlier these curtains were considered to be a symbol of affluence and royalty. Now they are available in variety of styles and prices. It has become more affordable. Since there is no replacement of silks yet, one can be sure about getting true and authentic readymade silk curtains for their home.

Silk curtains need more maintenance in comparison to other fabrics, so care should be taken that they are dry cleaned instead of washing them in machines or by hand. The weave of the cloth can get damaged if handled roughly. Sometimes the curtains are embroidered or brocaded and extra special care is needed. If one thread gets pulled, the entire weave will be damaged and the embroidery will be spoilt. That is why it is advisable to get them dry-cleaned. This will enhance their life and colors and patterns will not be damaged.

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